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Hidden gem of a tearoom New Century Tea Gallery

by bb

Tucked away in the International District is a magical little tearoom called New Century Tea Gallery. I can't wait to go back for more.

The atmosphere of the place is mesmerizing -- walls of deep Chinese reds, lined with big glass jars of tea, floor-to-ceiling Asian decor, rich dark wood furniture and goods.

The place has the feeling of an ancient cave -- even the tables and chairs arrange here and there are made from massive twisted wood resembling enormous roots.

The New Century Tea Gallery is not a tearoom (another favorite Seattle tea place--Teahouse Kuan Yin) where you can sit at your own table enjoying a pot of tea for as long as you like.

New Century simply sells fine teas, including top-rate green teas (I brought home a few ounces of West Lake Dragon Well King -- mmmm!). But the chairs and tables are there for a purpose.

You're welcome to sample any of the teas for sale, and they don't just pour you a cup! You sit there at these beautiful tables and are treated to a whole tea ritual of infusion after infusion, as you sample tiny cup after tiny cup of whatever is being poured, watching your hostess as she expertly prepares each infusion and talks with you about the tea you're sampling.

The whole experience was truly enchanting. New Century is my new go-to place for the best tea (and tea experiences!) in Seattle.

New Century Tea Gallery is located at 416 Maynard Ave. S in Seattle.

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