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Halloween Tea Ideas
October 02, 2014

Halloween Tea Ideas

Including tea in Halloween activities might seem unusual, but it may give the advantage of some protection against colds or flu, as well as diverting some of the attention away from excessive sweets.

Your youngest trick-or-treaters may want a tea party dressed up in their new costumes, while older ones may still want a home version of Harry Potter's Hogwarts.

Here are some pages to give you more ideas for kids:

Kids tea party ideas

Harry Potter tea party

fairy tea party.

How else can you add tea to the Halloween season?

There is a cool kit that contains various teas, herbal tisanes, and spices so you can create your own mixture.

It's inexpensive, and would be great for Harry Potter potions, witch's brews, or sugar-free superhero energy drinks.

Here's how you could use it for Halloween:

First, remove the black tea for children under age 10 as it may have too much caffeine for them.

Next, remove any items that are known allergens for your children.

Then, add new labels to the remaining ingredients.

For example,

Green tea could be labeled “Super Knowledge” (after all, it is a primary source of theanine for memory)

White tea “Anti-Illusion”

Rooibos tea “Courage”

Rose Petals “True Love”

Cinnamon “Hero Protection”

Ginger “Super Strength”

Mint “Anti-Kryptonite” for Superman

Orange Peel “Anti-Joker” for Batman

Lemongrass “Anti-Zombie” for everyone else.

Add just a pinch of the chosen ingredients into the potion bag (included).

Help them add the “water of life” at the right temperature into the clear glass “Teapot of Truth” (also included) and let it cool to drinking temperature.

You can also have fun when the ingredients are more personalized for your child and your family (Mommy's knowledge, Daddy's strength, or vice versa).

Here is the link for the tea kit with teas, tisanes, and spices..

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Sharon Jones, editor, Green Tea Health News

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