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Chinese Green Tea

Choosing your Chinese green tea

Here are over 200 different varieties and grades of green teas from China with some sources.

Names of Chinese teas

Some of the names are included even though they are simply translations or variations.

This is because each vendor may use the same Chinese green tea name but purchase their tea from a different tea garden source.

For example, Bi Lou Chun and Pi Lo Chun may be the same tea or may be the same style of tea but from different gardens, giving your tea a different taste (due to agricultural or climate variations).

Other names refer to higher grades of Chinese green tea, like Gunpowder (good) and Gunpowder Temple of Heaven (best).

Discover your favorites

The best way to discover your favorite Chinese green tea is to continue sampling a wide variety until you find the green tea selections and vendors that please you the most.

Enjoy your journey!

Chinese green tea list

3 Leaves Temple

After The Snow Sprouting

after the snow sprouting green tea

Anhui Emerald Seed

Anji Baicha (An Ji Bai Cha)

An Ji Bai Pian

Anji Duet

Bamboo Cloud

Bamboo Cloud green tea

Bamboo Green

Bamboo Sea

Bi Lou Chun (see also Pi Lo Chun)

Bi Lo Chun Dong Ting

Bi Tan Piao Xue

Bird’s Tongue (Que She Long Jian)


Cha Wang Tai Ping Hou Kui

Cha Wang Lu An Gua Pian

China Green (Zheng Guo Lu)

China Moon Palace (Chunmee)

China Sencha (Hao Di)

Chun Lu

Chun Mee (Precious Eyebrows)

Chun Mee Dao Ming

Chun Mee Special Grade

Chun Mee Spring Mountain

Clouds and Mist

Cui Ya

Dai Bai Hao (Private Reserve)

Dao Ren

Ding Gu Da Fang

Dong Bei

Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun

Dong Yang Dong Bai

Double Dragon Green Sword

Dongshan Dolce

Dragon Mountain

Dragon Pearls (Long Zhu)

Dragon Whiskers

Dragonwell (Lung Ching,, Ling Ching, Long Ching)

    Adagio Teas

    Dragonwell #3

    Dragonwell Da Fo (Big Buddha)

    Dragonwell Fancy

    Dragonwell Imperial

    Dragonwell Lion Xi Hu

    Dragonwell Lung-Ching Superfine

    Dragonwell pre-Qing Ming First Grade

    Dragonwell Pre Rain

    Dragonwell Meijiawu (Mei Jia Wu)

    Dragonwell Shi Feng

    Dragon Well Spring First Grade

    Dragonwell Superior

    Dragonwell Wild Mountain

    Dragonwell Xi Hu Long Jing

    Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist (Gua Shan Yun Wu)

    Emerald Lily Green

    Emerald Pearls (Cui Ya)

    Emei Ruizi

    En Shi Yu Lu

    Feng Qing Yuan

    Feng Mei (Fang Mei)


    Gan Chun

    Golden Dragon (Jin Long)

    Golden Mountain Needle

    Gou Gu Nao

    Green Anji

    Green Arrow

    Green Ching-cha

    Green Curled Dragon Silver Tip

    Green Hairpoint

    Green Jade (Jade Cloud)

    Green Mist (Quing Wu)

    Green Needle

    Green Pekoe

    Green Phoenix Eyebrow

    Green Silver Needle (Shenya Yin Zhen)

    Green Snail Spring (see also Pi Lo chun, Bi Lou Chun)

    Green Snow Bud (Lu Xue Ya)

    Green Tuo Cha

    Green Top

    Gu Zhu Zi Shu

    Guiping Xishan


      Adagio Teas

      Gunpowder First Grade

      Gunpowder Imperial

      Gunpowder Green Dew

      Gunpowder Jade Pearl

        Upton Tea

      Gunpowder Pea Leaf

      Gunpowder Pingshui (Pingsuey)

      Gunpowder Pinhead Pearl

        Grace Rare Tea

      Gunpowder Temple of Heaven

      Guo Lu

      Heavenly Blue Peak Green


      Hu shan Yellow Buds

      Hua Ding

      Huang Mountain

      Huang Mountain Tippy Green (Foojoy Gold)

      Huang Shan Green Mudan

      Huang Shan Lu Mu Dan

      Huang Shan Mao Feng

      Huang Shan Mao Feng Premium

      Huang Shan Mao Feng Imperial

      Hui Ming

      Huo Qing

      Huo Shan Huang Ya


      Hyson Lucky Dragon

      Jade Fire

      Jade Snail

      Jade Spring (Yu Quan)

      Jade Spring Green

      Jade Tips

      Ji Bai Pian

      Jia Hua Fo Cha

      Jin Shan Green Sword

      Jin Zhai Cui Mei

      Junshan YinZhen

      Kai Hua Long Ding Dragon Peak

      Li Zi Nutcracker

      Li Zi Xiang

      Lin Yun White Downy

      Long Ding

      Long Xu

      Long Xu green tea

      Lotus Heart (Lian Xin Cha)

      Lu An Gua Pian

      Lu an Melon Seed

      Lu’An Melon Seed Green

      Little Melon Seed (Luan Gua Pian)

      Lu Shan

      Lu Shan Clouds and Mist

      Lu Shan Clouds and Mist Curly Q Green

      Lu Xue Ya

      Lung Lion’s Peak

      Mao Feng

      Mao Feng Cha Wang Huang Shan

      Mao Feng Emerald Tip

      Mao Feng Nine Dragons

      Mao Jian

      Mao Jian Gu Zhang (Gu Jiang)

      Mao Jian Xin Yang

      Matcha, powdered Chinese green tea

      Mei Hua

      Melon Seed (see also Lu An Melon Seed, Luan Guapian)

      Meng Ding

      Meng Ding Cui Zhu

      Meng Ding Gan Lou

      Sichuan Meng Ding Green

      Meng Ding Gan Lu

      Meng Ding Mao Feng

      Mist on the Gorges

      Mist on the River

      Mo Li Mao Jian

      Mo Li Bai Hao

      Monkey Eye

      Moon Palace (Chun Mee)

      Nan Jing Yu Hua

      Newtop Misty Green

      Orchid Plum Green

      Pan Long Ying Hao

      Panfried Green

      Pei Hou

      Phoenix Eyebrow

      Pi Bao Shan

      Pi Lo Chun (see also Bi Lou Chun)

      Pi Lo Chun (Green Snail Spring)

      Pi Lo Chun Bao Wei

      Pi Lo Chun Select

      Pi Lo Chun Taihu

      Pi Lo Chun Tai Lake

      Pine Needles

      Precious Eyebrows (Chun Mee)

      Qing Ding

      Rain Flower

      River of Clouds

      Sencha (Chinese Green)

      Sencha Zhejiang

      Shi Feng

      Shui Xi Cui Bo

      Silver Spring Plum

      Silver Spiral Green

      Silver Sprout Green

      Sleeping Dragon

      Small Pearls of Jade (Zhen Jhu Quan)

      Snow Bud (Xue Ya)

      Snow Buds Mountain Green

      Snow Dragon

      Snow Flower Green

      Snow Sprout Song Luo Nen Hao

      Song Zhen

      Spring Blossom (Xiao Cai Cha)

      Spring Fields

      Spring Sprout

      Spring Sprouting Jade

      Stir Fried Greens (Chao Qing)

      Tai Mu Long Zhu

      Tai Mu Yun Jian

      Tai Ping Hou Kui

      Taishan Buddha’s Eyebrow

      Three Cups Fragrance (San Bei Xiang)

      Tian Mu Qing Ding (Heavenly Blue Peak)

      Tian Mu Qing Ding Tea

      Ting Xi Lan Xiang

      Tongyu Mountain Green (Tongyu Shan Qing)

      Tun Lu

      Wang Fu Yu Long

      White Eagle Long Life

      White Monkey (Bai Hou)

      White Monkey King

      White Monkey Paw Green

      White Orchid Green

      Wu Li Qing

      Wu Li Qu Hao

      Wu Yuan Ming Mei

      Wu Yuan Wild Mountain

      Wu Yuan Yun Cui

      Wu Yuan Xian Zhi

      Wu Zhou Ju Yan

      Wuyuan Ruikang

      Wuyi Green (Wu Yi Qing Cha)

      Xia Zhou Bi Feng

      Xin Yang Mao Jian

      Xu Fu Long Ya

      Yang Yan Gou Qing

      Yang Xi Huo Qing

      Yellow Flower (Huo Shan Huang Ya)

      Yellow Flower Cloud Needle (Huang Hua Yun Jian)

      Yellow Mountain Hair Tip

      Yellow Mountain New Bud (Huang Shan Mao Jian)

      Yin Gou Mei Cha

      Yixing Cha

      Yong Xi Green Fire

      Yong Xi Huo Qing

      Young Hyson

      Young Hyson Classical

      Young Hyson Supreme

      Yu Lu

      Yun cui

      Yun Nan Da Ya

      Yun wu

      Yunnan Chinese green tea (Yunnan Lu Cha)

      Yunnan Green Jade

      Yunnan Green Silver Tips Imperial

      Yunnan Imperial

      Zhen Mei

      Zhu Ye Qing

      Young Hyson green tea

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