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Here are 10 ways that green tea can help support a healthy program to lose weight:

1: Healthy Lifestyle

Daily green tea fits into a healthy lifestyle easily.

It provides only 0-2 calories per cup for calorie control, anti-aging, and helps substitute for unhealthy dietary habits (like excess calories, alcohol, sugars, or fats).

Please note: if you are not healthy, are being treated by a physician, or taking prescription drugs, you must consult with your physician before any lifestyle changes.

Learn more ways to add it to your lifestyle with these 247 weight loss tips.

2. Reduces Absorption Of Fats, Cholesterol, Carbohydrates, Salt

Green tea can actually block the absorption of fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol, and salt in the intestine, thus increasing the excretion of unused calories from high calorie foods. This works when green tea is consumed during the meal.

Since it can also protect against bacterial contamination, it is an excellent choice with any meal that is questionable.

But watch out! It can also reduce the absorption of proteins and fat-soluble vitamins, so make sure you drink your green tea at least 30 minutes before a healthy low calorie meal.

3. Directly Reduces Fat Cells

Green tea weight loss research shows that drinking green tea is associated with fat cells (adipocytes) that are smaller, undergo cell death more easily, and fewer new ones are formed in white fat.

It also stimulates the formation of brown fat that provides energy.

4. Reduces Dangerous Belly Fat

Multiple green tea weight loss studies show that dangerous belly fat is reduced. This is effective for both women and men.

5. Boosts Metabolism

By increasing thermogenesis (metabolism and fat burning), green tea helps various natural metabolic processes in the body, including achieving and maintaining a normal weight.

6. Improves Exercise Results

Studies have shown improved exercise fitness and preservation of lean muscle mass with green tea chemicals like catechins.

7. Reduces Dangerous Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, Or PreDiabetic Pathways

Studies have shown multiple chemical pathways, including anti-inflammatory pathways that are improved in metabolic syndrome, including overweight, and insulin regulation with dietary green tea.

8. Reduces Appetite

Its rare amino acid chemicals like theanine from green tea have shown an appetite suppressant effect.

In addition, drinking tea daily encourages using clean water and maintaining proper hydration, which can also suppress the appetite, helping to lose weight.

9. Synergistic Enhancement With Caffeine, EGCG, And Theanine

While green tea has very low levels of caffeine, the combination of its unique antioxidants like EGCG and rare theanine with caffeine have shown improved results when used together for weight loss rather than used separately.

10. Modulates DNA For Weight Loss

Dietary nutrients change chemical pathways not only by supplying raw materials, but also by turning individual DNA genes on or off. Tea from this one plant (Camellia sinensis processed into white, green, oolong, or black teas) affects many genes.

In fact, one study on oolong teas (Chen J et al, A genome-wide microarray highlights the anti-inflammatory genes targeted by oolong tea theasinensin A in macrophages, Nutrition and Cancer, August 2011) tracked changes in over 700 genes affected by a single tea chemical theasinensin A.

Researchers have found multiple chemical pathways involved in weight control that are improved with green tea and its chemicals.

And Here Are Bonus Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits

Green tea comes in so many different tastes that you can spend a whole year trying a new one every day.

And it’s available all over the world both in loose leaf and teabags for convenience.

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