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Herbal Tea Benefits

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Herbal Tea Benefits

Teas made from herbs, spices, leaves, roots, fungi, fruits, and even nuts have been used throughout human history for enjoyment and health remedies.

They may be stimulating, relaxing, anti-aging, antiseptic, or even simply relieve minor discomfort.

Over time, people have learned that risks may be primarily attributed to mistaken plant identity or excessive use.

Any plant or part of a plant steeped in hot water is called an "herbal tea" when it does not include Camellia sinensis.

But there are hundreds of delicious teas made from combinations of Camellia sinensis plus herbs, spices, leaves, roots, fungi, fruits, and even nuts as seen in the list of flavored green teas below:

Acai | Acerola | Alfalfa | Almond | Aloe | Angelica | Anise | Apple | Apricot | Astragalus | Banana | Bergamot (Earl Grey Green) | Berry | Black Currant | Black Raspberry | Blueberry | Calendula | Caraway | Catnip | Chai | Chamomile | Cherry | Chocolate | Chrysanthemum | Cinnamon | Citrus | Citronella | Coconut | Cranberry | Damiana | Dandelion | Dong Quai | Echinacea | Eleutherococcus (Siberian Ginseng) | Fennel | Ginkgo | Ginger | Ginseng | Goji | Gotu Kola | Grape | Grapefruit | Guava | Hibiscus | Horehound | Horsetail | Hyssop | Kiwi | Lavender | Lemon | Lemongrass | Lemon Balm | Licorice | Lime | Lychee | Mint | Mandarin Orange | Mango | Mate (Yerba Mate) | Milk Thistle | Nettle | Orange | Oregano | Osmanthus | Parsley | Passionfruit | Peach | Peppermint | Pink Grapefruit | Pineapple | Pomegranate | Quince | Raspberry | Red Raspberry Leaf | Red Clover | Rhubarb | Rooibos | Rose | Rose Hip | Rosemary | Sage | Sarsaparilla | Saw Palmetto | Spearmint | Strawberry | Tangerine | Thyme | Vanilla | Verveine | Herbal tea samplers

Our knowledge about all these plants and their teas is continuing to increase.

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