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Church Tea Party

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Ideas for a tea party in your church include Mother-Daughter teas (inviting all women), charity teas, and church rainbow fund-raising parties.

For the rainbow fund-raiser, seven different colored tables are set up with food and decorations.

While the tables compete for prizes for appearance (remember clothing, too) and money earned, visitors purchase their food and creative gifts as donations to the chosen charity.

Here are ten ideas for your rainbow church tea party:

1. Red is for vitality and Christ’s blood. Food could include salsa, red stuffed peppers, tomato salad, pickled beets, chile con carne, and pasta made with tomato flour. Desserts are easy with cherry or rhubarb pie, strawberry shortcake, candy apples, and raspberry jam covered cookies. Tea can be raspberry flavored green tea or even an herbal Red Zinger.

2. Orange is for creativity and relief from boredom, combining red’s fire with the sun’s yellow. Carrot sticks and orange bell peppers with a dip are a natural. Main dishes include mandarin orange chicken. Desserts can go from pumpkin pie to orange jello. Your beverage can be orange spice tea.

3. Yellow is the color of the sun (golden “son”) offering wisdom and clarity of thought. Yellow bell peppers come in handy, as well as yellow beets and yellow cauliflower, if you can find them. Hot vegetables include corn on the cob. Lemons rule here, with lemon garnished chicken, and dessert lemon scones with lemon curd to serve with lemon flavored green tea.

4. Green is the color of nature, health, and being born again. Veges include leafy salads, stuffed celery and green olives. Meat dishes can use green bell peppers, and desserts include kiwi dishes. The only tea is matcha served in small cups (it’s expensive, but you’ll only use a little). For more green food ideas, check out some St. Patrick’s Day recipes.

5. Blue is for spirituality and heaven. Offer blue potato chips, garnish meat dishes with edible blue flowers and native American blue corn. Desserts can be fabulous blueberries, scones or cookies with blueberry jam, and blueberry flavored tea.

6. Purple is the highest color and connects us with universal inspiration. Foods include purple potatoes, purple cabbage, purple onions, and eggplant. Desserts can be based around blackberries or plums, and the tea can be blackberry flavored green tea or an herbal blend called Passion made by Tazo from Starbucks. And there’s always grape juice.

7. Some rainbow church tea party events include white for purity. You can choose white asparagus, jicama sticks with white cheese, pasta with white cheese and sauce, smashed potatoes and onions, coconut cake and vanilla ice cream. Serve macadamia white chocolate scones. White teas should be made fairly weak as they tend to look yellow in the cup otherwise.

8. Activities at the church tea party should be appropriate for all ages. Tangle long streamers in each color all the way around the room and have teams untangle them. Have a prize at the end of each color. Dancers may want to create a Maypole.

9. This is a good party for group singing. Stay with the old favorites. Everyone will enjoy “Over The Rainbow” in the finale.

10. This is also a great party for charity ventures. Not only will the food sales raise money, but many of these events offer an auction of rainbow theme crafts.


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