Reduce Belly Fat in 2018!

Bi Lou Chun

by Debbie
(Charlotte, NC USA)

I just started trying Chinese green teas. I didn't realize how many flavors they have.

The first one I have tried so far is Bi Lou Chun, it has a great fresh fruity taste to it, a little on the citrusy side but I like it. I can't wait to try the other fruity flavors. I am thinking about forming a club of chinese green tea lovers.I know there has to be a few out there aleady.

I know that this will quickly become a wonderful hobby of tea tasting. Chinese teas offer so much health and wellness qualities. I never realized how much until I gave my son some when his asthma was acting up and it cut down on the mucous in his chest.

I love green teas and Chinese green teas with fruity flavors. Rock on green tea.I encourage everyone to try any of these flavors and I promise you, you will see a difference no matter how small in your health.

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