Reduce Belly Fat in 2018!

Bottled green tea

by kanika

Atkins diet had been having terrible side effects on my body when I decided to switch to a better method to lose weight.

Dietary fads usually end up draining out the body of essential nutrients and thus I decided to go for herbal options this time.

I tried increasing my intake of Green tea at regular intervals (like every 2 hours) besides cutting down my carbohydrate intake and increasing water intake.

I was surprised to see that without having hunger pangs and cravings, I was able to lose 5 pounds in a month. Though it does not work like magic diet pills, green tea is known to contain natural anti-oxidants and certain chemicals that help speed up metabolism.

I used the TeanovaTM commercial bottled Green Tea. It contains epigallocatechin gallate, which increases the rate of heat production in the body during normal bodily functions and activities.

Increased calorie burning and high metabolism cause an increased rate of fat-burning in the body.

Not only Green tea, but green tea extract when added to other foods, also helps reduce weight, besides helping reduce cancer risk and improving blood pressure problems. My doctor also favored this particular product as it completely suited me.

Green tea cannot provide surprising miracles with weight loss, though its sustained inclusion in the diet promotes healthy living and ultimately, has been known to increase metabolism rates. However, one major side effect is the increased dosage of caffeine (though it is less than normal coffee/tea).

It did help me in healthy weight loss.

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