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Calories In Beets

Calories in beets: cooked, no salt added

There are 35 calories in one half cup of cooked beets according to the US CDC FruitsandVeggiesMatter.

There is no fat or cholesterol, but there is 3% of the daily value for sodium.

There are 8 grams of carbohydrates and 7 of those grams are sugars.

There are two grams of dietary fiber, and only one gram of protein.

It provides 6% of daily value Vitamin C and 4% daily value of iron, but other minerals are low, and other vitamins are negligible.

Calories in beets: raw

In approximately 1/2 cup, there are 43 calories, with slightly higher vitamins and minerals, including up to 325 mg. potassium or 7% daily value.

In addition, when eaten raw, they provide 27% of daily value of folates (part of the Vitamin B complex), but this vitamin (folic acid) is lost in cooking.

Serving beets

Choose well-colored, firm roots without bruises, preferably with their tops intact, and wash them thoroughly before using. The tops should be eaten immediately, and the roots can be stored for a week.

This vegetable is usually eaten after steaming or boiling, either hot as a side dish, or cold for salads.

Adding a grated raw beet to your salad mix is a beautiful and healthy choice. The grating helps people chew it better in the raw preparation.

This vegetable is famous for the European soup called borsch or borscht.

The roots may also be pickled and served in different dishes.

The juice can be used for dye.

Note: don't worry if your urine turns pink or red after eating them. That is normal for some people, and should clear out within a day.

Note: Both the beet and its relative swiss chard contain oxalates which have been implicated in the formation of kidney stones for some people.

Not only roots, but also sugar, leaves, or chard

The leaves are also a healthy green vegetable, either steamed, or as part of a mixed salad.

The roots are grown commercially to produce white sugar.

Home gardeners can choose from a variety of colored roots, not only the standard red ones.

Chard is considered a relative of the beet.

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Beet, Ruby Queen
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Variation in European Beets, Beta Vulgaris
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