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Chamomile Lemon Balm Tea

Evening relaxation

Chamomile lemon balm tea is a soothing choice for relaxing in the evening after a stressful day.

This combination provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemicals, as well as having anti-anxiety effects, both historically and seen in modern research.


This plant (Matricaria chamomilla) is called wild or German chamomile.

It has been used for centuries in European and western history, consumed both internally and applied externally.

It is extremely popular today with about a million cups consumed daily.

It contains antioxidant flavones and flavanols including quercetin and apigenin.

The anti-inflammatory chemicals can sooth stomach upset, other gastrointestinal complaints, sore throats, menstrual disorders, muscle spasms, nerve and rheumatic pain, and reducing hay fever reactions.

Externally, ointments containing chamomile extract can help hemorrhoids, minor skin irritations, or temporary swelling.

Lemon balm

This plant (Melissa officinalis) is a member of the mint family.

If you add it to your garden, it will easily naturalize to a variety of areas.

The white flowers are tiny and very attractive for bees.

The leaves have a lemony mint scent and are easily dried to provide a source of year-round tea.

It has been used for centuries in Europe for both physical and psychological relaxation.

Research has shown people reporting increased calmness combined with increased mental alertness and accuracy, indicating that it might be useful for students, data workers, or to prevent test anxiety.

Regular use has shown increased antioxidant levels in the body, providing protection from free radical damage to DNA and other tissues.

Lemon balm used alone may reduce the absorption of thyroid medication and should be avoided by people being treated for hypothyroidism, while possibly useful for those with excess thyroid hormones or hyperthyroidism.

In general, anyone already on prescription medications should consult with their health care providers before starting a healthy lifestyle change.

Chamomile lemon balm tea

So when you combine these two herbal teas, you can help sooth your throat, your stomach, your muscles, reduce minor aches, pains, or afflictions, calm your mind, and clear your brain in a simple cup of tea.

Then if you add some extra scents like lavender, linden flowers, and orange, and a touch of other relaxing herbs, you have a wonderfully comforting cup of tea to clear the stress of today and provide recuperation for tomorrow.

Luckily, this combination has already been created in Cora Grantham's name of Downton Abbey fame and is now available for those of us dealing with today's stressful lives and challenges.

Just click on the image below to read more about this tea and other Downton Abbey favorites.

The Republic Of Tea Downton Abbey Lady Cora's Evening Tea, 36 Tea Bags

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