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clay teapots of China

by Latha

Our family enjoying to drink the green tea very much. We likes the teapots of China and preferred to select clay teapots for drinking.

The clay teapots of China gives us a medicinal effect and tasteful of tea. It is very famous in the world.

Our teapots are looks like very graceful and romantic.

The green tea give an energy for ours.The effect of green tea is very good because we get a medicinal effect from this and no harmful for our body.

The green tea my husband began to drink the stomach pain also decreased.The green tea is a worth for a good family.

In the ancient time the people of china using this tea.They makes with leaves of plants.

The use of leaves are changed to powder to make the tea. We are living in India Our ancestors are says their valuable writings about the medicinal plant of tea. They gave detailed report about the green tea.During the time of old age the people are interested to drink the tea in a changed manner.

China clay model teapots are the famous one to drink the tea.

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