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daily walks help to lose weight

I am in my fifties and have been doing some sort of regular exercise since I was 32.

I started exercising after the birth of my second child. I was chubby (not having lost all of the weight I gained with my daughter) and stressed with two kids under the age of three.

Initially, I only managed time for walking. I would throw my kids in a stroller and walk around the block for as long as I could, once a day.

I was fortunate to live next door to someone who was in the same stage of life as me and we became close friends and walking buddies.

The daily walks helped me lose weight and brightened my mood.

That was the start of making exercise a part of my life.

On days when I couldn't walk, my backup plan was a set of work-out tapes that I could do in my basement.

Through the years I found additional activities. I joined a tennis league and play several times a week.

I practice yoga and attend classes with another close friend.

I have an annual membership at a local recreation center which allows me to swim, run, bike or work out with weights when I want variety or when weather keeps me inside.

I feel the benefits of exercise every day.

I seldom feel depressed, I am fit at 50 and my weight and blood pressure are under control.

I can walk as far as I want and there are no activities that I feel I can't try or do which gives me a very positive outlook.

Anyone can start an exercise program by walking.

It is cheap, gets you outdoors and can be done at your own pace.

The obstacle is getting started. Do not allow yourself to make excuses but instead make a commitment.

Find a friend to exercise with; it is harder to find excuses not to exercise with someone else depending on you.

Set a goal and stick to it.

Eventually, exercise becomes so much a part of your day that you will miss it if you can't make time for it.

We all need to move and keep moving, the benefits of exercise are priceless.

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