Reduce Belly Fat in 2018!

Diet tea bag

by Vardanush

Becoming beautiful is easy now.

I am a 35 years old woman. And during the last 10 years I was fighting against gaining weight.

I had always dreamed of being slim and beautiful.

I tried various types of diets that even were not healthy for me. But I did not have any other choice I wanted to be beautiful.

Once one of my friends told me about green tea. Green tea is first of all very healthy, though we should remember that “Measure is pleasure” In one cup of green tea there are 30% more antioxidants than in black tea and it is more healthier. Green tea also contains vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. and so I started using green tea every day.

Usually I used tea a lot, I could not go to sleep without drinking tea, and this diet was not a problem for me, it was even a great pleasure. So, I started drinking green tea.

Before starting this diet my weight was 160 pounds, but today I weight only 130 pounds. And I reached this result in only 2 months.

And I did nothing special only drank a cup of my favorite Tetley green tea every morning and evening.

And now I am very happy and even a bit self confident.

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