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Effects Of Caffeine: Positive Or Negative?

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This is Part 6 of a 7 part series on green tea caffeine.

Positive effects of natural caffeine

The positive effects of naturally occurring caffeine have made it very popular for thousands of years.

When using daily tea, coffee, mate, chocolate, and some herbs, trillions of people have felt

  • more alert
  • more energy
  • an improved, more positive mood
  • increased physical endurance
  • increased metabolic rate
  • and easier breathing through relaxed bronchial muscles.

People have gained all this without any noticeable or measurable harm.

But too much caffeine can be risky.

There are reports of abuse, even overdoses and deaths, especially with the modern, more concentrated sources of caffeine.

Negative effects of caffeine

Negative effects of caffeine are usually called side effects.

Caffeine side effects can fall into three categories:

  • Temporary: these effects are fleeting and most people adapt successfully within a few hours or days.

    Temporary caffeine side effects can include indigestion, insomnia, temporary rapid heartbeat, or shaky hands.

  • Moderate: these effects are similar to temporary ones, but are persistent.

    They occur most often with vulnerable people already under medical care and require modification of caffeine intake by the treating physician according to individual health needs.

    Moderate caffeine side effects in healthy people tend to be self-limiting.

    People don’t like the persistent side effects, so they decide to reduce their caffeine intake (for example by switching from coffee to green tea), and the side effects resolve without damage.

  • Serious: these effects, including delirium and collapse, can usually be resolved with hospitalization.

    Only a small percentage of hospitalizations occur with naturally occurring caffeine sources, and then only with large amounts of caffeine like 8 or more cups of coffee daily.

    Today, more hospitalizations are being reported with new popular caffeinated “energy” drinks.

    Overdose deaths are reported with concentrated caffeine sources like caffeine tablets.

Recommended caffeine intake

Most authorities recommend that healthy adults stay below 300-500 milligrams of caffeine daily from all sources.

Pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant must remain below 150-200 milligrams daily.

Many people switch from concentrated sources of caffeine to daily green tea because the amount of caffeine in green tea is low and balanced by theanine.

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