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Exercise is not a pretty name, in fact it puts the lazy gene in fast action.

I hate exercise and I always will, BUT, there comes a time in your life that you have to give in or face the mirror in horror.

I worked as a school teacher for forty years, and moved around the school room and walked the halls, up and down the stairs, so I felt I got enough exercise and my weight was good. W

hen I reached the age of seventy-five, I decided it was time to cut back a little, so I switched to part time and spent two days at home retired.

That word is almost as bad as exercise.

A couple of months later, I noticed that my skirts were getting a little tighter.

What the heck, I was still at school thirty hours, how could this be?

I knew I was picking a lot, when I went by the fridge, but could it make this much difference?

I knew that my kids had a treadmill and stationary bike in the basement so I thought I would give them a whirl.

Not as easy as it sounds.

I was so stiff after the first couple of days, I thought I would never walk again.

I carefully made out a schedule and told myself I would stick to it.

I did for a week, but I was just about croaking.

I stopped for a week, chastised myself and started again.

At eleven A.M. fifteen minutes on the bike, twelve minutes forward and twelve minutes pumping backward. I stretched for two minutes.

It took me some time to get into it, but then, if I did not exercise, I missed it.

Later it was the treadmill, same schedule. It was easier than the bike.

I turned eighty-two, July 31, and I am still at it.

I call myself the spinning queen.

On the days that I work I Spin directly after work

The next day I start out on the treadmill and later use the bike.

To tell you truth I love it and I am not stiff and I feel great.

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