Reduce Belly Fat in 2017!

exercise for women over 40

by Kausalya Ashokkumar

I am in my early forties. Exercise is a must for woman who have crossed forty.

It prevents over weight which in turn helps us avoid a lot of physical problems such as knee pains, shoulder pains, breathing problems etc. and also mental problems such as inferiority complex and frustrations.

While in school I had done many exercises like pull ups, sit ups, jogging etc. I do them early in the morning at 5 O'clock in the morning fresh air. You feel very fresh and can have a good diet which gets digested easily.

Since I got married and had all those responsibilities, doing exercises out doors was impossible, also I was not able to spend enough time, doing many exercises. Hence I had to give up all the exercises.

This resulted in slight obesity. It got worse, once I gave birth to my boy baby. I could not spare any time for exercise at all.

My health condition got worse. I put on a lot of weight. I started getting knee pains.

I could not work as I had been working. I suffered a lot from breathing problem.

Walking long distances became a nightmare. Even house hold activities gave me worries. I developed arthrities, rhumatism, gastric problems etc.

I started wondering, how I can overcome all these health problems and plan my routine life, with all those commitments regarding finances, relatives, family etc.

Then one day I came across an advertisement regarding an exercise equipment, which was related to cycling.

It is a stationary equipment, which can be placed in any permanent place within our home. It need not be moved here and there. You can just sit on the equipment and spend at least an half an hour or at least twenty minutes.

It is just like cycling, where your legs peddal at the same time even your hands go in circles. You can adjust the speed of cycling.

So within half an hour you get exercises for your legs, hands, abdomen, in fact for the whole body where you sweat completely.

Hence for family ladies, this is the best equipment to maintain their physical fitness.

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