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exercise routine for mother of two year old

I am in my 30s and am the mother of a two year old boy. I'm currently a stay at home mom (work from home part time).

When I was working outside the home, I would come home from work and exercise 5-6 days a week, either by taking a walk outside, using the exercise bike or step in my house, or lifting light weights--dumbbells.

After I had my son I did the same thing during his nap time. Eventually I lost motivation and got out of the exercise habit for a while. Also, he no longer takes naps.

Then I started taking walks with him in his stroller.

Currently, my goal is to take four walks each week. Most weeks I meet this goal.

We walk first thing in the morning (after breakfast.) If it's nice weather we walk outside in our neighborhood.

In the winter, or when it's raining, we go to the local mall and walk inside.

He enjoys it and I get my regular exercise. I walk for 30 minutes. It fits very well into our schedule.

It makes it much easier to fit in regular exercise when I can do it with my son, especially since he doesn't take naps anymore.

It also works really well for me to do exercise in the morning, when I have more energy. I also have more energy when I exercise not long after eating.

Overall, my life was not extremely different before I succeeded with daily exercise, but I do feel better, and I feel good about being able to stick with a healthy routine.

The only obstacles I had to overcome were finding time to exercise, and finding motivation.

I found time to exercise by finding an exercise I can do along with my son.

This also helped with motivation when I realized it would be easier to fit into my schedule.

Regular exercise has helped improve my life.

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