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family old clay teapot from Flanders, Belgium

by James Smith
(England UK)

Hi there, i have a teapot from the Flanders region in Belgium made around 1850 - 1870 that has been passed down the generations 6th so far.

It's only used at family occasions when we all get together recalling the past and the present issues that the family have faced.

It's made from Clay (from a local clay pit/mill in East Flanders) it was created at the site and glassed in a green/brown finish with a floral design (very rough and very unique as i have not seen another one like it).

As it is a family gift passed down the generations i can only give the description without pics as i am not the sole owner (brother and sisters) its current location is in Belgium.

As i mentioned previously most of the time it's in one of my brother/sisters house as it belongs within the family and most of the time we get together at one of their houses.

We only drink tea out of it although my grandfather told me he drunk coffee out of it with his father.

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