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When I was younger, I never found the time to exercise. Far too busy with work and family demands to find any time for myself.

Every New Year I resolved to join a gym and make sure I got there at least three times a week.

Maybe every other year I would succeed in at least starting on my resolution and would make it to the gym for signing up and assessment.

For a few weeks I would alternate getting up a couple of hours earlier in order to visit the gym on the way to work or stopping at the gym on my way home.

In theory it should have worked, but in reality it wasn't going to be possible to get the kids to school two hours early and I was relying on my partner being able to do the morning routines with them. Fine unless he had an early meeting. Likewise if he was working late or away from home then I couldn't be absent too.

After four wasted gym memberships, I made the 'never going to join a gym again' decision.

Years passed, joints stiffened, various bits descended, feeling achey and tired became normal.

I almost forgot I was supposed to take exercise.

Time flew, the children flew the nest, as did the partner.

Finally ..... Time for me!

I moved out of town, got myself a house with a garden, adopted a dog, dug the garden and grew vegetables, walked the dog.

Did I feel good!

Exhausted at the end of each day, sleeping like a baby, eating what I'd grown.

This was exercise as it was intended membership, no equipment, no repetitions, just moving to do what had to be done.

So what exactly do I do?

A brisk walk with the dog three times a day for around 20 minutes, play fetch and catch with the dog in between times, around half an hour's garden work every day which could be digging, pruning, planting, harvesting but which always involves stretching, lifting and bending. And that is all.

It is not that much and I certainly started late but it seems to be all I need, at the age of eighty three, to keep me as fit as I need to be.

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