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Green Coffee Bean Extract

No dieting

Can green coffee bean extract help people lose weight without dieting?

Apparently so, according to a study from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Researchers enrolled 16 overweight men and women in a 22 week trial and all 16 lost weight with no change in their diet.

17 pound weight loss

Everyone lost weight.

The biggest loser lost 23 pounds, and the average weight loss was 17 pounds.

The people also lost fat mass, reduced their BMI, and 6 of them achieved a normal weight.

At the 4 month checkup, 14 of the 16 had maintained their weight loss, even though the green coffee extract supplement was discontinued during that time.

There were no side effects with this supplement (Vinson J et al, Randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects, Diabetes Metab Synd. Obes., January 2012).

Woman's World magazine

Readers of Woman's World magazine (July 23, 2012) volunteered to use the green coffee bean extract supplement with reported losses up to 6 pounds and 9 1/2 inches in the first week.

This research is also reported by Lindsey Duncan who is a guest of The Dr. Oz Show and The View.

What is green coffee bean extract?

This supplement is made from unroasted coffee beans which preserves high concentrations (almost 46%) of chlorogenic acids while staying relatively low in caffeine at 2-4%.

Green Coffee Beans
Green Coffee...
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The chlorogenic acids influence sugar and fat absorption, as well as help regulate glucose and fat metabolism directly.

People also report less hunger and more energy with this supplementation.

Also, both human and animal studies have shown enhanced energy metabolism and reduced fat with this extract.

The above study used both a low dosage of 350 mgs twice daily for a total of 700 mgs a day or a high dosage of 350 mgs three times daily for a total of 1050 mgs a day.

Weight loss was approximately 30% greater with the more frequent dosage of a total of 1050 mgs daily.

Participants were instructed to take the supplement with a large glass of water 30 minutes before eating.

Green coffee beans weight loss during 12 weeks

This study was designed as a crossover of 6 weeks on either low or high dosages or placebo, a 2 week period with nothing, then repeated twice while changing the dosage or placebo groups.

This means that everyone was using placebo or nothing for at least 10 weeks of the 22 week study, and the average weight loss of 17 pounds occurred with only 12 weeks of supplements.

Source for green coffee bean extract capsules

Most brands contain 350 to 400 mgs per capsule with 60 capsules per bottle or a 20 day supply per bottle for those taking one before each meal or 3 daily.

As with all supplements and lifestyle changes, please check with your physician before starting a new program.

Since this supplement may help normalize blood sugar, this is especially important for those already on medication for blood sugar problems because your medication dosages might change even within a day or two.

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