Reduce Belly Fat in 2017!

green tea for weight loss

by Yasmin M Elias
(Mangalore, India)

I had been drinking green tea and black tea together. The black tea I have is mainly to keep me active whereas the green tea had been giving me a real boost in helping me lose my weight with increased bowel movements.

You may know that green tea is tremendously good for health. One main health benefit is that it helps in body weight loss. It burns upto 70 calories in just one day. That is in other words 3+ Kgs. in a year.

The other great benefit of habitually drinking green tea is that you not only burns unnecessary fat but enhances the metabolic rate naturally.

For all those who want to try Green Tea, let me tell you that do not drink it with sugar.

Try it out without sugar.

You could have the Green tea as often as you want. It is a great way to reduce weight and also the only best health drink.

The brand I would suggest is Lipton Green tea which is very pleasant to drink.

You could also choose a combination of herbs like tulsi or cardamom flavour if you choose to do so.

So just do not get discouraged about your weight, try this amazing success of Tea diet to lose your extra weight.

Continue it all the time so that you are naturally healthy.

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