Reduce Belly Fat in 2017!

green tea in diet

by Sri

I've been struggling to reduce weight for a very long time.

Work-out was really a good option, but since I'm a working professional (mother of 3 too) i hardly had time for myself.

Little did i think of reducing my weight in the beginning. But later i started facing health issues, especially knee and back pain and would quickly grow tired whenever i continued to work for long hours.

Then i realized it was due to increased body mass and it is high time i reduced my body weight.

I was considering various options like diet control and heavy workouts, but it just dint work for me. Then my colleague recommended a real good option - Green Tea.

When i started drinking, there were hardly any flavors available in my country at that point of time.

But made it a point to have the tea twice a day. Coupled with this, i had a control over my diet too. Though i come from a place where rice is taken as a staple food and is eaten almost three times a day, i reduced my intake of rice. I would take it probably 3 times a week and that too for lunch and not for breakfast or dinner.

I started seeing the difference in the next two months.

I lost close to 3 kgs.

Then i continued and found myself reduce really fast. Now it's been almost a year now and i really couldn't believe myself that I've lost 8 kgs in this time.

I still have to control my diet and see that i avoid junk food most of the times.

I supplement with raw leafy vegetables that can give me the energy that i can sustain with. Now I'm so happy to see myself in the mirror. I'm able to try trendy clothes and have developed lot of confidence because of this.

Now my husband has also become a fan of Green tea and he says that his doctor recommends him to take it 7 seven times a day.

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