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Guava Nutrition

Guava nutrition

This subtropical fruit is almost a superfood because of it's nutritional content.

It is low calorie with only 40 calories in a 1/2 cup or 83 grams according to the US Centers fro Disease Control.

Superfood bonus nutrients

In that same 1/2 cup, you also get 250% of your Daily Value of Vitamin C, 4 grams of fiber, and over 300 mgs of potassium!

You will also get a small amount of protein, minerals, and other vitamins including B complex.

There is less than a gram of fat in that serving size.

As a bonus, there are only 10 grams of carbohydrates and only 5 of those grams are sugars.

High Vitamin C superfood

Guava nutrition is amazing for such a small fruit!.

The Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) content can become very high in a single guava (some reported as high as 450 mg).

This is concentrated in the skin rather than the pulp, and depends on how ripe it is when you eat it.

The Vitamin C is high just before ripening.

When it is fully ripe and soft, the ascorbic level can decrease as much as 90%.

Rich in antioxidants

As another bonus to guava nutrition, the orange and red ones are rich in polyphenols like gallocatechins as well as carotenoids, especially pro-vitamin A from those colored pigments.

Eating ripe guavas

Depending on the variety, this fruit may be almost black, purple, red, yellow, or even still green when ripe.

When you use them, there should be no blemishes or bruises, but the rind should be slightly soft.

They spoil rapidly and only last a week even in the refrigerator.

You can eat the whole thing after washing, including the rind (for the Vitamin C and fiber).

Many people discard the seeds from some cultivars as they are too hard.

Serving suggestions

Naturally, people all over the world enjoy these fruits.

You can eat them raw in slices, sprinkle them with spices like black pepper or cayenne, or create interesting dips for them.

You can use a guava in fruit salad sauces, candy, desserts, jams, dried fruit snacks, in cooking sauces and chutneys, and for fresh juice.

Their odor is slightly lemony and the taste is reminiscent of strawberry.

Note: cooking and other processing with heat destroys much of the high Vitamin C content.

Home grown

The most common commercial variety is an apple guava, but some cultivars may be grown in pots and moved indoors over the winter.

The small trees are grown in the Americas, Asia, Africa, India, and many other tropical areas.

Cultivars grown in the United States (Florida and Hawaii) include Redland, Supreme, Ruby, Red Indian, Patillo, Webber, Hart, Turnbull, Rolfs, Indonesian White, Hong Kong Pink, Miami Red, and Miami White.

Around India, you may find Behat Coconut, Anakapalle, Hapi, Kothrud, Habshi, Lucknow, Safeda, Smooth Green Allahabad, Nagpur Seedless.

New cultivars are always being introduced for this popular, nutritious, low calorie fruit.

On a weight loss diet?

This is a great addition for weight loss as guava nutrition is so low-calorie, and it's rich in many nutrients, especially Vitamin C.

Display of Guavas in an Open Air Market on Copacobana Beach
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