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Gyokuro Precious Dewdrops

by Tanja
(Lexington, Ne USA)

Last year for Christmas my dear friend gave me a collection of Japanese teas. At first I was kind of skeptical since I have never been much of a tea drinker before. The tea gift ended up sitting in one of my shelves until one day I ran out of coffee and decided to give the tea a try.

I picked out Gyokuro or Precious Dewdrops which was one of the five different teas that were in the gift basket.

Once brewed I was overwhelmed by the wonderful aroma. It smelled great. I added a little honey, sat in my favorite chair and drank my very first cup of real Japanese tea. It tasted fantastic and it gave me a wonderful warm feeling all over. It kind of relaxed me and put me in a much calmer state of mind.

Within about a month and a half I used up all of my tea and I had to call up my friend to ask her if she could get me some more.

Now I have become a real Japanese tea lover and enjoy a couple of cups every day.

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