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High Cholesterol Symptoms: 
How Green Tea Can Help Prevent Silent Artery Damage

Three reasons you may not feel symptoms

There are three primary reasons why you usually don't feel symptoms of high cholesterol:

  • It's unconscious.

    Biological activities in your blood vessels stay unconscious, so you don't feel any symptoms in the early stages.

    We usually learn we have a problem from our doctors or using home cholesterol test kits, but only after the damage has already started.

  • It builds up anywhere.

    You have around 60,000 miles (96,500 km) of blood vessels that can be affected by high cholesterol accumulation.

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    If it builds up in your extremities, it can lead to peripheral artery disease with pain, numbness, and reduced mobility.

    It has a particular affinity for the aorta, leading to restricted blood flow to the heart and contributing to increased risk of heart attacks.

    If it builds up in the kidneys, it can contribute to high blood pressure.

    It also builds up in your liver, leading to damage from fatty liver.

    With narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis) from cholesterol and fatty buildup, arteries can become more stressed.

    This makes it easier for blood clots to occur, increasing the risk of heart attack and the risk of stroke. Since strokes require immediate care, everyone should learn about the seven stroke warning signs.

  • It's slow.

    You probably won't feel high cholesterol symptoms because damage builds up slowly. The earlier build-up stages are called cellular cholesterol.

    In the artery walls, this is the beginning of atherosclerosis which narrows the arteries and can develop further into arteriosclerosis, also called hardening of the arteries.

    The greater the buildup of cholesterol and fats in your blood vessels, the greater the health danger.

    Remember, since you don't feel high cholesterol symptoms, only a blood test can tell you if you have high cholesterol.

How can green tea help?

Since 1991, several studies (Yamaguichi 1991, Lou 1992, Sayama 2000, Miura 2001, Chyu 2004) have shown that green tea can protect the arteries (in particular the aorta), as well as the liver from cholesterol accumulation during a high cholesterol diet.

Their research shows when animals are being fed a high cholesterol diet, adding green tea to their drinking water for several months has

  • reduced the accumulation of cellular cholesterol in the liver
  • reduced cholesterol in the aorta by 27%
  • reduced triglycerides in the aorta by 50%
  • prevented the development of new atherosclerosis by up to 73%.

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