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Huang Shan Mao Feng

by Ansh
(Mumbai, India)

I work in a Chinese company and there are many Chinese colleagues in my office. I have noticed them filling their cup every day with hot water, adding some leaves in it and sipping it whole day many times.

One day my throat was bad when my Chinese friend offered me to try his tea. Initially I was bit resistant but later I gave it a try. It was a new taste for me, something differently sweet and soothing my throat.

To my surprise, within an hour or so, I was feeling better. I asked the name of tea and my Chinese friend told me "Huang Shan Mao Feng". I could understand only a little. I asked again and he showed me the packet and wrote the name in English. I took one packet from him for my family and he was very happy to know that I liked it.

He told me that this tea is very famous in China and grows on Yellow Mountains. Now I am enjoying sipping the same tea once every day.

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