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Hyperactivity Research With Green Tea EGCG

Hyperactivity research

Studies about hyperactive behavior with animals (mice) use behavior models of locomotion, rearing, and climbing after the animals have been stimulated by chemicals.

In a recent study, animals were given caffeine, methamphetamine, cocaine, or apomorphine (a D1/D2-like agonist which activates dopamine receptors).

All of these chemicals increased hyperactivity behaviors.

When the animals were also given EGCG from green tea, all the hyperactivity behaviors were reduced.

The authors suggest that further research in the interaction of EGCG with dopamine receptors may be fruitful (Park KS et al, (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-0-gallate counteracts caffeine-induced hyperactivity: evidence of dopaminergic blockade, Behavioral Pharmacology, September 2010, p572-5).

This hyperactivity research is considered preliminary and may or may not eventually be applicable to human beings.

However, it certainly suggests new research avenues for the epidemic of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) seen in children and adults in the United States over the last decade.

ADHD statistics

According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), 4.5 million U.S. children age 5 to 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD as of 2006.

Between 1997 and 2006, this diagnosis has been increasing approximately 3% annually.

The social cost of this illness is estimated to be as high as $52 billion in the United States (2005), up from $31.6 billion in 2000.

Possible causes of ADHD increase

In August, 2010, new research suggests that this disease may be overdiagnosed in children who are just younger and more immature for their school classes.

Other hyperactivity research found a possible relation to pesticide exposure prenatally, and a University of Montreal study found that increased pesticide byproducts in the urine of children doubled the diagnosis of ADHD.

Green tea is the primary dietary source of EGCG. Here are some green teas that are organically grown without pesticides.

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