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Jasmine rolled tea leaves

by D Sallen

I bought pearls of jasmine from the internet.

They are supposed to be rolled tea leaves.

When I brewed them they looked more like little sticks. It tastes very good.

I talked to the seller and he told me that they were not sticks but stems, and that that is the best part of the tea.

It is that true?

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Tea stems
by: Anonymous

I guess it depends on what you want in your cup of tea.

The beneficial antioxidant chemicals from tea come from the leaves.

The richest antioxidant part of the tea plant is the bud and first several leaves. These are your high priced gourmet teas.

When tea leaves are plucked by hand, very few stems are part of the harvest. It is possible that a mechanical harvester would have a higher percentage of stems.

The stems have the least amount of beneficial chemicals.

Still, there are some tea products using stems that are purchased for flavor and variety in your daily tea.

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