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Kidney Failure
Life Expectancy

Kidney failure life expectancy with EGCG

A preliminary study explored the possibility that either EGCG from green tea or resveratrol from red grapes could help protect kidney function from life-threatening failure.

The researchers at Mansoura University in Egypt used the cisplatin laboratory model to create disruption in renal glomerular filtration rate or GFR, a sign of nephrotoxicity that can lead to kidney failure.

Cisplatin is a widely used chemotherapy drug used to treat cancers, including ovarian, testicular, bladder, small cell lung cancer, sarcomas, lymphomas, and germ cell tumors.

Side effects of this chemotherapy drug may include nephrotoxicity and life-threatening damaged kidneys.

The kidney failure life expectancy study looked at biomarkers of oxidative stress and inflammatory cytokines.

1. Animals given a single dose of cisplatin showed

  • 11 fold rise in proteinuria,

  • 2 to 5 fold rise in serum creatinine/urea levels,

  • increased malondialdehyde (lipid peroxidation) and inflammatory cytokine (TNF),

  • reduced glutathione (antioxidant) levels,

  • and all died within 10 days.

2. Cisplatin plus resveratrol and quercetin at two dosage levels

  • did not improve the glomerular filtration rate,

  • did not reduce the levels of malondialdehyde or inflammatory cytokines.

  • Increasing the dosage rescued 25% of these test animals, still leaving

  • 75% fatalities at 10 days.

3. Cisplatin and 50 mg/kg EGCG from green tea (but not 25 mg/kg) showed

  • significantly recovered glomerular filtration rate at 7 days (proteinuria, creatinine),

  • reduced malondialdehyde and inflammatory cytokines,

  • increased glutathione (antioxidant) levels, and had

  • no fatalities at 10 days.

The researchers concluded that EGCG showed protection against kidney toxicity caused by the cisplatin drug (El-Mowafy AM et al, Evaluation of renal protective effects of the green-tea (EGCG) and red grape resveratrol: role of oxidative stress and inflammatory cytokines, Nat Prod Res, April 2012).

This animal research is considered preliminary.

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