Reduce Belly Fat in 2017!

Lemon tea diet

by David

Well i was exactly eighty five kilograms in weight and my friends always teased me for not doing the simplest of the tasks, it was so embarassing that i stopped going out of the house and stayed home watching television for long hours.

Suddenly one day i heard a relative of mine telling me the good properties of tea,then i listened to her carefully and then started to check this for myself.

I first weighed myself and then started to take tea with lemon daily in the morning and evening, it felt good for some days but was boring after a few days.

Determined to cut down the weight i continued to follow the same plan once i had completed one month and already feeling the effect.

My body was feeling better and then when i checked my weight it was the most surprising figures in over years that i had seen.

I actually had lost nearly six and half kilograms and it was that day i decided to investigate some more and today i look very lean and slim because of Tea and tea with lemon only.

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