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Mademoiselle Clifford's English Tea Room

(Hudson, Quebec, Canada)

You are welcomed by the Scottish owner, Mlle. Linda Clifford.

The wonderful thing about this tea room is that you are welcomed immediately and you have choices.

Not just in the tea room area.

The setting is a storefront with fresh flowers in the cooler ready to be arranged and sent out to some lucky recipient, or you can browse the gift store area or you can just sit down, choose your own tea cup, tea, and enjoy the music that is filtered throughout the store.

Mlle Clifford's has 62 varieties of loose tea from all over the world.

She has on her tea wall, white, green, oolongs, black and tisanes just waiting to be discovered.

You are encouraged to go to the wall and smell the teas that have been selected for her shop. What the nuances of the tea are and how that will translate onto your palate when you order that pot of tea.

So once you order the tea there is a variety of soups and sandwiches freshly made along with Ploughman's Lunch, cucumber, tuna, Coronation chicken sandwiches, homemade soups, and scones with Devon double cream and strawberry jam...what else you might ask?

Beautiful and so tasty German have so many choices here in this tea room.

Harney & Sons Tea (from New York state) are here as well.

They are beautiful teas that are purchased from all over the world and blended in New York for distribution world wide.

You must vist at 60 Cameron Road, Hudson Quebec..

or go to the website

or call for reservations in the tea room 1 450 202 7673 or to order flowers from her floral shop.

It's all there and just wait for that welcome.


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