Reduce Belly Fat in 2018!

Mommy and me ballet

(Chicago, Illinois)

Exercise never was a part of my lifestyle until two years ago.

I had always wondered why people were so obsessed with exercise and how could one lead such an automatic life.

To me exercise was a kind of mechanical routine that you have to do no matter you like it or not.

Ever since I remember, I had always been a petite child. I was blessed that whatever I ate it wouldn’t put extra pounds on me and it was nevertheless true. I wondered how one can miss out on comfort foods for the fear of adding a few pounds.

Well, as they say good times do not last too long.

Just after I got married at 28, I started gaining some weight. Initially, I felt good about it, as being curvy was nice and sexy!

But the thought of getting in to an exercise or diet made me apprehensive. I was sure that being a little more careful with my food would eventually get me back to shape.

After my daughter I became a full round woman. Things slowly didn’t seem to work out. Even with a more balanced diet I was adding pounds by the day.

I had never been embarrassed like the day when we had an old school party and most of my old class mates could not recognize me if not for my dimpled cheek. Well, they all looked slimmer and more beautiful than me after a decade of marriage and handful of kids.

I knew things would go out of my hands if I did nothing about it. I was getting frustrated and depressed with my own looks. I stopped wearing my summer shorts and swimsuits.

I found myself being so heavy and found it painful to walk fast, run or even just play with my little one in the park.

I did some research and understood that at my age of 35 both exercise and a healthy diet was necessary to stay fit. That is when my thoughts toward having an active life style came in.

Initially, I started with joining community yoga. I found it very useful but very rigorous to start off.

Soon I switched to some active walking and jogging at the park in the mornings. I continued yoga as an evening meditation and some breathing exercises.

With my daughter’s school hours and an unpredictable Chicago weather, I was finding it difficult to keep up with the morning routine.

Later, I started a regular gym session on school days. I prefer to do an hour’s cardio. That way I am burning fat and simultaneously toning up my body. Fortunately, it worked wonders.

Now an exercise regimen has become an inevitable part of my life style. The plan has fit me so well into my daily schedule.

On pleasant weather days, I prefer to walk to the library instead of driving. Also I take an afternoon stroll with my girl to the nearby malls and retails for events and discount sales.

I have also joined a Mommy & Me ballet class with my daughter on Saturdays; it gives some quality time with my girl and also is a fabulous way to maintain a healthy mind and body.

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