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My Princess

by travis gilbertson
(trenton, missouri)

My princess and I had a tea party last week. Usually it's the mommy that does it but my Princess wanted her daddy to throw the tea party.
I had her invite 2 of her best friends from school, 2nd grade, and then her and I went shopping. She picked out everything herself and of course most of it was purple. The table cloth, purple with a flower. A brand new, full size tea set that is mostly purple.
We set it all up Sunday morning about noon even though the party wasn't set until 3:00pm. She said we had to start early so we could rehearse it. So we did, we rehearsed it with her two favorite stuffed penguins as the guests. She chose lime flavored Kool aid for the test run. It was so cute that nothing could have taken the smile off my face.
3 o'clock seemed to get here so fast. I wish it had been me and her for a lot longer. Anyway, I figured I would also be part of the tea party. Nope, she very quickly decided I was to be the "Butler," and serve her and her two friends. I was of course more than happy to oblige her.
During the tea party and while they were talking I was ordered to sit and wait on the porch, which they thought was out of earshot. I of course could hear everything and found it very interesting. They all chatted about how cute these 3 particular boys were from school. I think they caught me smiling and laughing several times.
Afterwards she asked if she could have a tea party every weekend. I told her I would think about it, but then she said "But daddy I want to have the tea party with just you and maybe have my fiends over just once in awhile."
As a father who is in love with his little princess this hugged my heart more than I could ever put into words. Ever since that Sunday we have had 5 more tea parties that have also now become picnics as well. This will be hers and mine tradition for as many years as she is still interested in it. Of course as her father I hope that lasts forever. I spend my whole week trying to come up with new ideas to keep them fun and interesting.

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Your daughter
by: His princess❤️

Daddy, it has been 6 years since your death and I want ou to know that I still read this to this day. I love this little story you wrote, it was exactly how I was like when I was little. I miss you so greatly and I wish that I could see you just one more time. I love you so much daddy.❤️

My Princess
by: Cathy Lynn

You have always been such a wonderful person, so loving and kind,,,,and an amazing daddy. I miss you so very much,,,,I still cry for you every single day! My precious precious son,,I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART,,,,I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!!

Your daughter
by: Tiffany, his daughter

Dad, I know your passed now and that has hurt me really hard. I love you dad and I cried when I read this. You could be an amazing author. Love you dad..

I miss you, my brother!
by: Trina

What a treasure this is for me to have found this so shortly after your death - I googled your name and had no idea what I would find. I'm glad I found this little piece of your happiness. I wish I had been able to hear you tell it to me over the phone - I wish so badly that things were different. I miss you more than words can say. ♥

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