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My very own Harry Potter party!

by Ali

I've always had tons of friends who enjoyed Harry Potter as much as I have, and I've always had the idea of hosting my own Harry Potter themed party. I knew it wouldn't exactly include a variety of ghosts floating about and that it wouldn't be hosted in a grand hall with bearded, crescent shaped spectacle wearing wizards or anything but it was worth a shot!

I decided on setting up my entire living room in a Hogwarts-esque theme. I got a nice roaring fire going, dressed up in my Dumbledore outfit - fake beard and all, wand by my side.

For food I had lots of ideas, I had a huge bowl of makeshift 'Bertie Bott's Beans' on the table, badly made chocolate frogs, Pumpkin Juice (otherwise known to us Muggles as carrot juice' and a plethora of other Harry Potter based foods.

Everyone had to show up as a character from Harry Potter (obviously) and I was surprised to see the enthusiasm involved when my friends finally arrived. We had Snape, Hermione, Ron, Mad-Eye Moody, Sirius Black and a Fleur there (although Fleur didn't look too much like the description of a Veela).

Overall it went pretty well. We had a mess around, casting Avada Kedavra on each other multiple times - going through the food mostly.

One of us had the bright idea of reading out our favourite bits from the books in front of the fire which was truly a majestic experience.

I'd recommend having at least one of these parties during their lifetimes. It may seem childish, it may seem stupid, but it's tons of fun!

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