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Organic Green Tea

People who choose to drink organic green tea usually do so because they prefer a clean, natural taste.

The annual variations in the healthy compounds like antioxidants found in this wonderful plant may be enhanced when ancient cultivation habits are used for organically grown teas.

Tried and true agricultural methods developed for thousands of years before chemical agriculture are well suited to adapt to changing climate and soil variations.

It’s good to remember that “conventional” agribusiness using chemical fertilizers and pesticides was first developed after World War I and has only become widespread since World War II.

Less than 100 years old, this "organically grown" agricultural approach is a small part of the 5000 year history of tea usage.

Many tea farmers remember their grandfather’s tea gardens that successfully relied on time-tested habits of biological cooperation.

These agricultural systems that thrive year after year without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are now labeled “organically grown.”

Some people also like to support organically-grown agriculture throughout the world.

Here are over 60 organic green tea choices that are internationally certified organically grown, that you may find offered at the above source:

Ancient Jade Lily

Bancha, Japanese

Bancha San Nen

Bolivian Green

Ceylon Green Breakfast, Organically and biodynamically grown

Chun Mee

Chun Mee Dao Ming

Chun Mee Moon Palace

Chun Mee Special Grade

Cloud Mist

Cui Ya

Dao Ren

Dragonwell (Lung Ching)

Earl Green

Emerald Lily

Emerald Mist

Emerald Pearls


Genmaicha Midori

Genmaicha Matcha-iri

Genmaicha Uji

Green Darjeeling

Green Dragon

Green Jade

Green With Citrus and Ginkgo

Gu Zhu Zi Sun

Gunpowder Green

Pinhead Gunpowder

Guo Lu


Gyokuro uji


Hojicha Uji

Hoji Cha Kamakura

Jade Cloud

Jade Fire

Jasmine Green

Jasmine Da Zhang

Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine Downy Pearls

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls

Jing Mai

Kabusencha Spring Harvest


Korakundah FOP Nilgiri Green Decaf


Lemon with Ginger

Liu An Guapian

Lu An Gua Pian

Lu An Melon Seed

Matcha, Organic, Powder

Matcha Youki Konjo Uji

Matcha Youki Midori Uji

Matcha, Sweet

Moroccan Mint

Nepal Kanchanjangha Green

Pi Lo Chun

Royal Jade Dragon Green

Sen Bei Xiang Green


Sencha Premium

Sencha Kagoshima Fukamushi, Tenho

Sencha Kawane no Kaori

Sencha Kumamoto, Yabe Supreme

Sencha Sayama Tsukurikomi

Sencha Uji Gukojo

Sencha Uji Jo

Sencha Uji Powdered

Spring Green

Spring Harvest Sencha

Spring Sprouting Jade

Taimu Mountain Bai Mu Dan

Taimu Mountain Mao Feng

Tian Mu Qing Ding

Wuyuan Ruikang

Xiang Mei Premium

Xuan Yi

Yang Xian Mao Feng

Young Hyson

Yun Lu

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