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Using tea accessories is easier now

Have you ever wondered about all the different utensils people choose to make a cup of tea?

Trying to understand which tea making utensils you really need? Which ones to choose?

Consider yourself fortunate to be living in the 21st century.

Lu Yu needed 28 tea accessory utensils

You might have lived in 780 A.D., when Lu Yu, the famous Chinese author, wrote the Cha Ching, his magnum opus that would define the entire world of tea for centuries.

According to Lu Yu, people should own and use 28 different utensils just to drink a cup of tea.

Today, brewing your teas is easier.

Thanks to metallurgy, utensils to help us drink tea now come in a variety of materials and shapes. But they still serve their primary purposes as defined by Lu Yu.

They still have to get the chemicals out of the leaves and into the hot water in ways that create a pleasant, agreeable, and even delightful experience.

Here’s what you should look for--

Separating the leaves from your tea

There are several possibilities:

  • Don’t separate them. Just let the leaves float until they settle to the bottom, then decant the brewed liquid into your cup. You can use any leaves that make it into your cup to read your fortune after you finish your tea. This user-friendly system was perfected by Russian gypsies and Aussies living in the bush.

  • Leave the leaves floating in the teapot while steeping, then use a small cup-sized strainer to prevent them from entering your cup.

  • Use an infuser. A tea infuser holds a cup’s worth of leaves enclosed in a metallic form, usually mesh. You leave the infuser in your cup of hot water until desired strength and then remove it.

All the other tea accessories

Besides tea infusers, you might also want to use drip catchers, lemon squeezers, teabag squeezers, cup warmers, timers, teabag holders, honey dippers, sugar spoons, sugar tongs, matcha spoons, matcha whisks, filters, presses, reusable teabags, measuring spoons, scoops, storage tins for teabags and loose leaf, and of course, those lovely teapot cozies.

All of which come in multiple sizes, shapes, materials, and colors for your pleasure.

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