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walking workout plan

As a mom and wife in my late 20s, getting time to exercise can be really hard.

I work from home full time and am also a student full time, on top of still managing the cooking and cleaning, so it would seem my days are pretty full.

However, I do make time to walk every day.

Before walking, I felt like I never get out of the house except to do something I don’t want to do. I would get frustrated when I realized that it had been a week since I had left the house, and I’d start to get cabin fever.

However, I couldn’t take a day off because of the way my schedules are planned. So going walking daily became not only a way to lose weight, but a way to feel better about myself.

I get up first thing in the morning and take the couple of minutes to stretch, take a shower, and get dressed.

If I’m particularly energetic, I do a crunches routine. It’s really easy, but it’s hard on my back since I have problems with my hips, so I don’t do it as often as I’d like.

It involves four different types of crunches, and the idea is to do 40 of each (or as many as you can before moving on to the next), then 30 of each, 20 of each, then 10 of each.

If you pull it off, it’s 400 crunches. However, it’s pretty common to do 20 of each, then 20 of each again, then the 20 and 10.

That still adds up to many more than if I were to try to do them individually.

I take breaks from work to get up and stretch so that I don’t get tired from sitting too long.

I’ll play with my son, cook lunch, and usually throw a load of laundry in the washer. It’s enough activity to keep me from being too sedentary.

When I’m done with work, I handle anything immediate like phone calls that needs to be handled, and then we go out for a walk as a family.

We put our son in his stroller and walk a mile as quickly as possible. Some days, we walk 1.5 miles to the other major street intersection that has an organic co-op and a few restaurants and shops, and then have the 1.5 miles back.

Whatever we do, we make sure to do at least the one mile daily.

Once we get home, I have the rest of my evening to do homework, cook, clean, and play with my son before bedtime.

It definitely makes a difference in the way I feel to do the extra walking every day.

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