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Your Weight Loss Tips For Hosting Parties

These weight loss tips for hosting parties can help you start a new party tradition and get a great body at the same time.

Planning for your guests

  • Plan on making the party about people, not food.

  • Add more games and less alcohol. Try popular games like word games, trivia games, survivor games.

  • Indulge in flowers for added luxury, rather than high calorie food.

  • Serve a rainbow of healthy foods. Include purple cauliflower, blueberries, green salad, yellow lemons, oranges, and red pepper choices.

  • Use beautiful garnishes and china serving dishes to make small servings more appetizing.

  • Know the calorie content of what you serve and the portion size. Most of your guests will have had other meals during the day. A party should not exceed one third of their daily calories.

  • For informal parties, serve high calorie items like ice cream with a small melon scooper and put in three ounce paper cups. Add a skewer of berries.

  • For formal parties, restrict your menu to one or two sinfully decadent dishes in tiny servings.

  • Serve a selection of waters with frozen fruit pieces. Offer freshly brewed gourmet green tea, hot or iced.

Planning for yourself

  • Reduce your calorie intake by 100 calories for five days prior to the party to have 500 calories for an extra nibble or two.

  • Brush your teeth rigorously before everyone arrives.

  • Have a good time with your guests.

  • Drink water or green tea during the party.

  • After the party, clean up the food immediately. Freeze all leftovers into single servings.

  • Brush your teeth again and use a good mouthwash.

  • Record your calories in your diet diary and adjust your meals until you are back on track for that sexy stomach.

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