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30 minute exercise plan for men


I have finally started working out/exercising whatever you call it based on your geographic location.

I went for a jog the day before yesterday and a few weights and I did the same again today, I am hoping to do the same again the day after tomorrow.

As you can see, my workout routine is doing some cardio + weights, rest for a day and then do the same again the next day.

I am actually so happy that I found the motivation to finally do this and I hope I can continue it.

For most people, the hardest thing to do is to actually get out there and exercise and not the motivation itself, it’s the actual execution of your set goals which is the hardest. This is why lots of people say to start off easy and not to set your sights too high. This is just a rule of thumb and may not apply to most people.

Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise, is good for our heart and lungs as it makes them work harder when our body needs to consume more oxygen. Stepper exercise equipments are cost effective aerobic exercise equipment, which help to get that exercise at home.

While using stepper, we must at first give our attention on the motion than the speed. The better process is to start with a slow pace as the rhythmic motion makes the workout great and you can continue your workout for an extended period of time.

The most important fact is to maintain the regularity of the exercise.

If we can make a routine of 30 minutes exercise every day, is great.

Not only lungs and hearts, stepper also works to tone our legs, thighs and buttocks. But the exercise must be well balanced so that you get the perfect result from your stepper.

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