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3-day workout routine

by Al Hartz
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

There’s a ton of exercise and workout routines out there, and I researched a bit before I just signed up and hit the gym.

I came across a forum site where man agreed that a natural, easy three day workout routine was their best help to a better physical shape.

I decided to try it and have never felt better or been more in shape in my life. In college I always stayed fit, heading to the gym almost every night and working up a huge sweat.

But I found out that with this simple three day workout routine, none of that is really necessary.

The routine I follow each week is this: first, on day one I did cardio, chest, back, and abdominal muscles for thirty minutes.

Next, I took a day off.

The third day I did shoulder, legs, abs, and cardio exercises for thirty minutes, much like day 1’s regime.

The next day was a day off.
The fifth day I did bicep, tricep, abs, and cardio exercises for thirty minutes.

So all in all, I did three days of exercises, with a total of 1 hour and thirty minute exercises in one week.

It has kept me in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I signed up with a great deal at a local fitness center for a three-day-a-week gym schedule.

I’d recommend this exercise routine to anyone looking to get in shape or stay in great condition

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