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Apricot Blossom

by Debbie
(Charlotte, NC USA)

I used to drink regular plain tea until one day my girlfriend asked me to try a green tea. At first I was skeptical because I have to have flavor in my tea and she begged me to try it.

I tried it and from that point on I was hooked. I started trying all different flavors of green tea and the one I am hooked on now is the Apricot blossom.

I was never that crazy about apricots but to my surprise I liked it. Then I started to notice that I started having less colds and allergies the more green tea I drank. I will not drink anything else now. I encourage everyone to drink green teas it is great for your health and well being and it really does make you feel better.

Enjoy your teas and create a whole new outlook on life with healthy green teas. Check out all of the wonderful flavors.

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