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Calories In An Orange

How many calories in an orange?

There are 70 calories in one medium orange weighing 140 grams according to the CDC.

There is no sodium, fat, or cholesterol.

There are 18 grams of carbohydrates and 12 of those are sugars.

There is one gram of protein, and three grams of dietary fiber, primarily in the white coverings of the segments.

There are 269 grams of potassium, providing 7% of daily value for an adult.

Most other vitamins and minerals are low to moderate (3% to 9% daily value), with one very large exception.

One orange will give an adult 140% of their daily value of Vitamin C, the vitamin that humans cannot produce in their own body.

Is the orange ripe?

This fruit should be firm when ripe, not mushy.

The skin should be brightly colored without bruises.

They can be stored for about 2 weeks, however, they do not ripen after harvest.

You can freeze the juice and the zest or grated peel.

If you are using the zest, make sure to wash the fruit thoroughly.

Some people choose organically grown fruit when using the peel to avoid lingering pesticides, herbicides, or injected dyes.

Sweet, Mandarin, Navel, Valencia, Seville, Bergamot, Blood, and other varieties

Navel sweet oranges are your common lunchbox treat, an easy way to provide Vitamin C for the kids.

Sweet Valencias are used for juicing.

Mandarins, tangerines, satsumas, clementines, and tangelos are smaller versions. There will be fewer nutrients and calories in an orange of those smaller sizes.

Seville is a sour variety used for marmalades and liqueurs, while the zest or peel of Bergamot, a bitter variety, is used for oils and flavorings, as in Earl Grey tea.

The Blood variety has dark red flesh and produces a sweet juice.

Serving oranges

Most people eat this fruit fresh after peeling, or drink the orange juice, usually for breakfast.

The fruit, juice, and zest are used in baking cakes, cookies, and pastry glazes.

The juice is also used to deglaze a saute pan, or in sauces for poultry, fish, seafood, and vegetarian entress.

The fresh fruit is offered in fruit salads, salsas, mixed juices, and smoothies.

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