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Circuit training

I exercise every other day with alternate rest so that I will not be over trained.

At the age of 47 I don't need strenuous work out.

So I prefer to do a circuit training that gives me a complete work out.

This is my exercise program:

1-15 minutes stretching before and after work-out

Objective: To strengthen the whole muscle parts. Develop muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance.

Station 1. Clean and press
Station 2. Bench Press
Station 3. Dumbbell side raise
Station 4. Sit-ups
Station 5. Leg raises
Station 6. Alternate Lat pull on chest/behind
Station 7. Back squats
Station 8. Dumbbell curls
Station 9. Dumbell kick back
Station 10. Cross bench jumping

This training exercises focusing on cardiovascular endurance. I do this 2-3 sets in 15 repetitions.

All exercise must be done on fast movement without interruption.

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