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cooked vegetable calories

Re: Calorie Content Of Foods: Low Calorie Vegetables

I'm looking at the first chart containing raw vegetables compared to the second chart containing the same vegetables cooked.

Why are the calories so much higher for cooked vegetables?

I never add anything to them while cooking or afterward.

I typically just boil them in water or bake them on a cookie sheet (no oil, butter, or anything else for either cooking method).

When I do cook them like I described, does the calorie content still increase?

If so, why? Thank you for clarifying!

Editor Sharon's answer:

Calorie measurements are always based on quantities.

Since cooking, as we know it, causes some water vapor loss, the measured quantities shrink due to this loss.

That means that in order to end up with 1 cup of cooked cabbage at approximately 35 calories, you would have to start out with 1 3/4 cup of raw cabbage at approximately 20 calories per cup.

And that's without adding anything to the cooking process.

Remember, it's all about the measurements.

That's why so many of us make little mistakes that add up to big weight problems.

Best wishes
Sharon Jones,

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