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Decaf green tea benefits

by Jozi Rosati
(Port Carling,ON, Canada)

Are flavored decaf green teabags are like fake tea? There's no benefits from them?

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Benefits of tea
by: Sharon

There are so many benefits from tea, and choosing your best caffeine level is just one of them.

So, the answer to your question should start with a question for you: what is your purpose in drinking a cup of tea?

If it's enjoying a refreshing, zero to very low calorie drink with a taste that satisfies you, then you still have all those benefits.

If you want a decaffeinated beverage with the above benefits, then you're fine.

If you want maximum antioxidants in your cup of tea, then you may want to choose green teas that are not decaffeinated, a process which can reduce the antioxidant catechin polyphenols available in the brewed tea.

If you do want to explore other green teas, here are 21 tips on caffeine levels in green tea to help you control your caffeine intake. And here are some more
flavored green teas for taste variety.

As far as your tea being fake, that's very unlikely today. In the past, entrepreneurs have sold other plant leaves as "tea" during times of extreme scarcity and high prices.

Today, with global production supplying 2/3 of the world's population with inexpensive daily tea, there's just no point to that.

Also, countries have national Tea Councils that monitor quality control for tea products and imports.

My experience today is that tea companies are very conscientious about quality control, from grocery store teabags to gourmet estate teas.

So your tea should be fine, per se. It's just a matter of choosing what you want from it.

Note: my biggest problem with tea is figuring out how to explore and taste all the teas of the world. That's going to keep me busy forever.

Hope that helps,
Sharon Jones, editor

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