Reduce Belly Fat in 2017!

Full workout routine for men

by Sharath SR
(Bangalore, India)

On a daily and weekly basis.My handy tracking calendar, here are the actual workouts for a week:

Sunday: Indoor cycling(30 minutes) and Yoga(45 minutes): cardio and flexibility

Monday: Gym Biceps work out (45 minutes) and running outdoors (30 minutes): cardio, strength and flexibility

Tuesday: Gym Chest work out (45 minutes) and Treadmill running (30 minutes) : strength and flexibility

Wednesday: No exercise

Thursday: Gym Triceps work out (45 minutes) and running outdoors (30 minutes)(60 minutes): strength and flexibility

Friday: Gym Shoulders work out (45 minutes) and indoor cycling (30 minutes): cardio, strength and flexibility

Saturday: Brisk walk outside (30 minutes) and Yoga (45 minutes): cardio and flexibility

Over the course of the week, I keep my weekly goals in mind and make sure I meet them.

After each week, I can look back and analyze what I did and make sure I'm keeping things balanced.

I hope this goes to show that you don't have to be a marathon runner, yoga enthusiast, or gym rat to attain a well-rounded fitness program or be a fit, healthy person.

There is no right or wrong way to do it—as long as you're sticking with a routine that works for YOU

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