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Green Tea Testimonials:  From Our Readers

Green Tea Testimonials

Wow! Beautiful site! I found you by searching for decaf green tea stroke and what a wealth of info you have here! I'm excited about coming back to learn more. I noticed that you're an SBIer too! I just started...just got my home page up last night. Thanks again for your beautiful site!

From Kai, at Well Being

Green Tea Testimonials: Eczema

You've got an interesting site about green tea. We've got our own unique use of it in our family. I brew green tea every night and pour the brew in the bath for my son who's had eczema since he was born. His skin is much better now (he is 2.5 now) but we still keep washing him in green tea brew. This method was recommended to us by some Russian doctors. Of course, we were doing many other things to help his eczema alongside the green tea use. But it was a good complement to the whole process.

From Irina, at Tropical Rainforest Rainforests and Rainforest Animals - Spreading the knowledge about the current status of the Earth's oldest ecosystem.

Flavored Green Tea

I love Mandarin-Orange scented green tea. After trying many types of supermarket green tea and finding none to my liking, I stumbled upon a tea shop that sold this interesting little tea and fell in love with it. It is similar to jasmine tea, but instead of jasmine it is scented with orange peel and marigolds. It has a brighter, greener taste than jasmine tea, and is perfect to share with friends. The first time I drank the tea was with my sister when she was quite sick with a cold. we both enjoyed this tasty little tea and it helped cheer us up, even though it was very cold outside.

A Reader

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