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Guayusa Tea

What is Guayusa tea?

This tea is made from the leaves of a tree native to Ecuador. It is

  • high in natural caffeine,

  • very high in natural antioxidants,

  • balanced with natural protein for smooth energy,

  • contains theobromine like chocolate for a psychological feel-good lift,

  • helps protect the rainforest.

Over a thousand years of use

Local people have dried the leaves of this tree, boiled the dried leaves in water, and consumed the beverage for smooth energy and alertness for centuries.

Archaeological evidence shows usage even 1500 years ago.

Coffee alternative

The leaves contain moderate amounts of caffeine balanced with essential amino acid proteins, very high antioxidants, and other chemicals that protect against the jittery effects or crashes associated with too much coffee, modern energy drinks, or some pharmaceutical grade caffeine products.

Users report feeling energized but still calm and clear-headed.

Low calorie chocolate alternative

This tea contains very few calories, but it does contain theobromine and theophylline.

These are the two chemicals that are associated with the "feel-good" psychological lift that people get from eating chocolate.

However, since the flavor of guayusa tea is slightly sweet with no bitter aftertaste, you don't have to add sugar, so you can avoid all the extra calories in chocolate candy and still get similar benefits.

Several flavors available

Guayusa tea has been internationally available for only a few years, but there are already flavored varieties.

They include cinnamon lemongrass, hibiscus berry, ginger citrus, and mint.

In addition, you can mix it with green tea for more antioxidants, or add your own spices, fruits, and other flavorings after brewing the tea.

The company below uses organically grown ingredients, offering both teabags and loose leaf preparations with instructions for use.

Just click on the images below to check for all available flavors:

Runa Clean Energy, Traditional Guayusa Tea, 16-Count Tea Bags

Runa Amazon Guayusa Ginger - Citrus, 1 Pound

Rainforest protection, organically grown, Fair Trade economy

This tree (Ilex guayusa) grows in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador under the canopy of much taller native trees.

This means that to maintain an annual harvest, the entire rainforest natural ecology must be preserved, keeping it free from artifical chemicals and clear-cut destruction.

In addition, with Fair Trade certificastion, harvest is provided by small family-run businesses supporting sustainable local communities.

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