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Gun Powder Green Tea

by Rhonda in the rain
(British Columbia)

The other day I bought some gunpowder Green Tea (Chinese)(pellet style)(I'm usually a teabag person).

My naturopath recently suggested I try it instead of my beloved gourmet coffee, to add the zip to my day.

I woke up @5am this morning, my day off and unable to sleep. It was raining and I LOVE a misty rainy morning, so I donned my fuzzy housecoat,made a nice hot pot of my new green tea, (preheated English style),and the prettiest tea cup I could find, and carried it up to the balcony on a pretty doily covered tray to sip at as I breathed in the fresh morning air and listened to the drizzle of the rain in the trees,and read my Bible by the morning light.

The beauty of this setting helped me forget all the stress of life. And the tea was so soothing and yet refreshing.

I then had to get on the computer and checkout the health benefits of gunpowder green tea and decided to write in and tell you of my green tea moment of today.

Have a wonderful day, even if it rains. :)

Rhonda in the rain with a pot of green tea:)

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