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hiit workout plan

by Matt
(Saint Louis, MO)

High Intensity Training Workout.

This workout was great. It really challenged me a lot, but I would not recommend doing it for more than 10 weeks at a time.

The workout is the most intense workout I have seen. It can take about an hour to complete the total workout.

It is broken up into 3 different parts.

The first part is the warm up. In the warm up, you run, bike, or use the elipitical for 15 minutes. This simply is to get your heart rate up.

After that you begin the weight lifting. You want to go to the max weight you can lift for each exercise for 10 repititions.

So if you can max out on the bench at 250 for one rep, you may want to back it down to 200 or 225 for 10 reps.

So first day start with arms (this includes bicep curls, triceps both over head and a dead weight, and preacher bar).

Then go to shoulders, use both machine and free weights including shrugs.

Then go to chest and back. Mainly use the fly machine and do bench press.

Now for each exercise do 10 reps the first time, then 10 reps adding 5 lbs of weight, then ten more reps adding 10 lbs of weight.

For each of these exercises, the goal is to finish as quickly as possible to give yourself an aerobic workout at the same time.

Then finish with crunches and sit ups till failure try doing them in sets of 20 to start.

Finally, cool down with the bike, eliptical, or treadmill for 15 minutes.

On the next night focus on leg lifts and go light on the bench again.

This is a sure fire way to get yourself pumped up. It did wonders for me.

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